One more case of EFG Bank Employees Scam….

Another case that was eye-opening involved Lim Tien Chiang. He was a relationship manager at EFG bank Singapore. He made money fraud with the customer of an amount of 3 million dollars.

The suspect is still carrying his position at EFG bank. The case involves a long story in which a customer who wanted to transfer money from one account to another opened a wealth account at BNP Paribas Singapore. In order to transfer money from RMB bank account China to BNP Paribas Singapore, she got help from an EFG banker because for BNP this transaction was impossible.

The first transaction was successful through PT Niaga. It was an Indonesian Lestari Remittance company. Until she required a second money transaction for the same amount for which the first EFG banker contacted his ex-colleagues and made the second transaction for her with almost four accounts. The need for other helpers was aroused due to the inability of EFG bankers. He was unable to make the transaction of this amount from the EFG bank account because it was not possible. No one questioned this! This time the four accounts having the different names of the first helper, second and third helper, and finally to the Allan person. She eventually lost all money that was transferred then she appeared in court for fraud and the case came to light. The suspects made an allegation that the money was illegal to transfer in anyways. However, the Allan named person was having no detail except his number. The money was not granted because of the lack of data plus the EFG bankers asked the court to not help her in this case due to the absence of any strong proof.

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